Colorful Fluorescent Glow Powder

Colorful Fluorescent Glow Powder

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Not just an average, run-of-the-mill, commercialized color powder. This is a whole new type of powder that lights up and pulses colors at your finger's command! With Colorful Fluorescent Glow Powder, you can give the night sky a show with every silly shake or movement from within whatever crowd you want to lighten up. You won't need anything more than this for any disco dance party adventure imaginable 
Do it all on your own terms with these flashy boxes of customizable powders!
Use them as body paint, around your house when guests come over (remember not to wave your hand too swiftly in front of the TV), or even at your next music festival rave afterparty.


The fantastic thing about sand is that it changes colors! And so does our COLORFUL SAND, but no sun or water required; this magical powder will glow for hours. You can paint with it too-its fluorescent in daylight and glows beautifully in the dark. Will your masterpiece disappear if you touch one finger? One design to last a lifetime.


The great thing about this product is that it’s multi-purpose. You can spread the powder all over your room and make craters deep enough for you to sink into, light up your driveway with some glowing circles of illumination, or make absolutely killer luminaries (my personal favorite). This shiny powder creates a 3D effect when you walk around it in a dark room; it will illuminate any surfaces brightly enough so that light would reflect off. Everyone wants their house to be lit up beautifully on Christmas eve!

You have one more chance to buy these Fluoro Powder as they are going out of stock soon. Get them while they last!


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